What Would Make You the Best Version of Yourself?

Imagine how different your life would look and feel if you had access to the same level of care as professional athletes. How much more could you accomplish?

Your body is designed to move. So why does it seem like optimal movement is reserved for the top one per cent in sport? As former competitive athletes—the kind who struggled with Band-Aid solutions to injuries that could have been prevented in the first place—we often asked ourselves the same question.

We started The Athletic Therapy Lab on a mission to change the standard of care – in the world of athletic therapy and beyond.

Whether you’re involved in sport or you can’t throw a ball straight, you deserve to feel better, stronger and capable of doing hard things. Most importantly, you deserve to move well. Your body can, and should, function at its highest, most optimal state, without pain holding you back from doing what you love.

By helping you move better throughout your life, we’re helping you achieve whatever it is you excel at – whether you’re an elite athlete or weekend warrior.

We believe the same protocols designed to keep pro athletes on the field can be used to help keep frontline workers where we need them.

The same practices can be used to help small business owners continue working and providing for their families. The same approach can be used to help you advocate for your health, so you feel empowered to do the work you need to do to keep your body feeling strong throughout every stage of your life.

It’s up to you to become an advocate for your own health and wellbeing. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

When you partner with us, your only regret will be that you didn’t do it sooner.

Ashley Guner CAT(C), CSCS

I’ve been a skater from the time I was a kid. From regional championships, to recreational training and adult competitions, I spent nearly as much time with my athletic therapist as I did on the ice. My body felt great when I was at the peak of my sport. But the day I stopped skating regularly, things started to go downhill.

Spencer Dungey CAT(C), CSCS

Like many other athletes, I was introduced to athletic therapy after an injury. In the middle of a soccer game I blocked a shot, shattering my ankle, and the rest is history. But it wasn’t until I realized athletic therapists are the ones you see assessing the pros on the field mid-game that I knew I wanted to study it myself.

Everyone should have access to the kind of care they want and deserve.

A pain-free life starts by taking your health into your own hands. We’re just here to help guide you in the right direction.